Gssi gpr price

GSSI Sir-3000 GPR System

We rent state of the art ground penetrating radar equipment for reasonable rates, see our large inventory of quality used GPR equipment available for rent and sale. Please c all us at for availability. All-In-One Ground Penetrating Radar systems contain all the parts needed to get your started immediately.

We recommend renting one of these systems if this is your first time using GPR. Individual antennaes and accessories are also available to be added on to your all-in-one package. If an antennae or accessory is not listed here, please give us a call as we do not list all accessories in this table for brevity. Rental software is loaded on a laptop that we ship to you so you can process data at your leisure.

All GPR offers several electromagnetic tools and accessories to locate live conduit, pipes, and other utilities that have tracer wires. Not all accessories are listed here, please give us a call to find out more. GPR Rental Equipment We rent state of the art ground penetrating radar equipment for reasonable rates, see our large inventory of quality used GPR equipment available for rent and sale. SIR Utility System. UtilityScan HS.

Extension Pole for XT. SIR Carry Harness. Ridgid SR Utility Scanner. Ridgid ST Line Transmitter. Ridgid SeeSnake MicroReel ft. Ridgid SeeSnake Standard ft.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Energy Other Energy Related Products. Garden Supplies Other Garden Supplies. Consumer Electronics Other Consumer Electronics.

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Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. BusinessType China ground penetrating radar. Cofinder gpr ground penetrating radar for geology x15x53 3. Contact Supplier. Ground penetrating radar underground utility locator tool spx rd gpr uk;8. Ground penetrating radar black hawk gr gpr digital laser detector gold -silver - gem ruby-sapphire-emerald - diamond. Proceeded American company GR DETECTOR on the development and modernization of the capabilities of this device for this product is rare is always at the top of the modern products scientifically and globally has been issued the second generation of this device GR with mechanical design modern and comfortable has a big role in the ease of use of the device and its mobility.

G R - This device has been producing a new design is completely different from all other conventional devices and has been synthesized in a literal way to be innovative with a newly efficient and high capacity service commensurate with all those users of the device, whether an ordinary user or an expert or companies prospecting and exploration. Ground penetrating radar gpr for non destructive mapping of the subsurface investigations pipeline underground cavity detection and tunnel construction quality underground deep metal detector harbor.

Best price diamond ground penetrating radar high frequency long range diamond gold detector. Traget tracking can indicate the metal identification and the exact position. Can excellent security products in lower costs for Humans Life over the world. If you find out any problem when receive the products, we are in charge of securing service. Tianxun mini outdoor gold treasure detector ground penetrating radar md camping metal detector.With UtilityScan Pro, users can quickly identify and mark the position and depth of metallic and non-metallic objects; including utilities such as gas, communications and sewer lines as well as underground storage tanks and PVC pipes.

Expect more from your GPR utility system: The UtilityScan Pro system provides a non-destructive means to accurately locate underground utilities and shallow geophysical characteristics. The tailored options provide survey flexibility, from smooth prepared surfaces to rugged terrain with our rugged four-wheel cart, and suit a number of utility locating applications. Locate subsurface utilities with confidence. The SIR controller incorporates advanced display modes and filtering capabilities for in-the-field processing and imaging.

The LineTrac accessory for digital antennas adds the ability to detect AC power and induced RF energy present in buried utilities. Data illustrates several metallic targets at varying depths. Data represents multiple utilities at shallow and deeper depths.

Data illustrates various utilities and trenching efforts at a historic golf course. Toggle navigation. Select Category Toggle navigation. Select Brand Toggle navigation. One Surveying Jl.

gssi gpr price

Purnawarman No.Rent for short-term needs, finance the purchase by leasing, or just purchase outright. Get multiple quotes to rent, finance or buy from 48 Suppliers of environmental testing equipment. When do you need your rental? We will use the best rate for your timeframe. You can go back and see if there is another supplier who services your area, or you can request custom quotes from the KWIPPED network.

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It has an all-in-one GPR system for locating rebar, conduits, post-tension cables or voids, and used to determine concrete slab thickness in real-time. Consists of a two modes, one is 2D used for the real-time target location and another one is 3D for an x-ray like image. Radar software has data processing, annotation, visualization, and report building features. Data processing and annotation can process the 3D data sets collected by the radar, customize size or color of the 3D target input data, can virtual 3D borehole, offers multiple color table as well as transform option and Windows 7 based user interface.

Visualization provides background removal filtering, data migration, gain control, use ground truth for accurate depth calculations. In report building, one can create a custom report output, copy data images to third-party software for documentation purpose, add targets as colored circles, export target information in Excel format, save data images as.

GSSI Sir-4000 3D Ground Penetrating Radar

Used for the concrete inspection, structure inspection, condition assessment, measures the slab thickness and void location. In concrete inspection, it locates the metallic and non-metallic in walls, floors, and ceiling. Structure inspection does for bridges, monuments, walls, towers, tunnels, balconies, garages, and decks. Also in condition assessment, it maps the relative concrete condition for rehab planning.

System specifications include MHz center frequency, up to 16 in.GSSI offers rental opportunities on many products. Rent complete, ready-to-use systems or choose from single antennas and accessories. Our rental products can be shipped immediately and ready for work tomorrow.

GSSI rentals are on a per-week basis. For U. For all other inquiries: Please visit the Contact Us form, and your inquiry will be forwarded to one of our international sales representatives.

StructureScan Optical has revolutionized 3D data collection by simplifying an often complicated survey process while still providing the most accurate results in the industry.

With UtilityScan, users can immediately locate and mark buried service utilities such as gas, electric and sewer lines. This system can also easily detect depth and location of objects: water mains, underground storage tanks, terra cotta pipes, tree roots and voids.

UtilityScan penetrates manmade or natural surfaces, returning data with unsurpassed quality. This EM product was built from the ground up using a proprietary source cancellation and calibration system to create the greatest signal stability on the market at an affordable price. Download our Rental Agreement Form. All Rights Reserved.The compact size makes it extremely portable and easy to maneuver in tight survey areas.

The simple operation is ideally suited to meet the needs of service providers, engineering contractors and state and local municipalities.

gssi gpr price

Best of all, the breakthrough technology designed into UtilityScan results in high quality data sets that are second to none. UtilityScan features an innovative touchscreen user interface. Additionally, the system employs Dynamic Gain Control DGC which enhances ease of use by eliminating the need to repeatedly change gain settings when scanning areas with varying soil conditions.

gssi gpr price

DGC monitors the system gain on the fly during data collection. For users requiring a higher resolution positioning system, a built-in pole mount is available for mounting GPS systems on survey poles.

A Bluetooth interface is provided to facilitate communication with user-provided GPS systems. The UtilityScan system is incredibly compact. Weighing in at only 34 pounds, UtilityScan can collapse to fit in the back of a small vehicle or even in an airline overhead compartment.

For survey conditions in rough terrain, the user can remove the handle and wheels and place the capsule into the optional rugged cart. HyperStacking provides superior near surface resolution, deeper depth penetration and vastly improved RF noise immunity when compared to traditional GPR antennas.

HyperStacking HS is a patented real-time sampling technique that improves performance while maintaining measurement speed and minimizing radiated emissions.

3D Radar GPR System

This technique uses multiple stacking averaging during data acquisition in order to reduce random noise and improve data quality. The Dynamic Gain Control function recognizes a difference in subsurface conditions and automatically modifies the display gain.

This eliminates the need for users to continually adjust the gain during surveys and provides a clearer, consistent data image. LineTrac is the first use of a power detection capability in a utility locating radar system. The most important requirements for utility locators are ease-of-use, accuracy and reliability. The key benefit is that detected power or induced frequencies can be overlaid on the radar data, providing reliable positioning and target information to the user.

The combination of UtilityScan and LineTrac addresses these needs with features that deliver accurate, dependable and repeatable performance.

These technologies are integrated into one seamless system to aid in target recognition and mapping for the first time. Have a Question? Talk to a Specialist! Call You are here: Home.Thanks to unique radar technology, our rugged GPR probes deliver unparalleled resolution and penetration depth, at the same time.

Together with our famously intuitive iPad app, Proceq GPR Live brings advanced inspection workflows on-site, including rich 3D and AR visualization, collaboration, and reporting. For availability and regulatory approval of this product in your market, please check with your regional Proceq subsidiary or local dealer.

Proceq GP is yet another revolution by Proceq in concrete inspection and imaging. The rugged, lightweight Swiss Made probe packs our unique radar technology in a tiny footprint with gigantic clarity and depth. This makes it possible to locate rebar and tendon ducts by inspecting overhead, in tight spots, close to walls, from the edge of the slab—and in congested spaces, such as underneath pipes.

The outstanding, patented ultra-wideband technology combined with a compact wireless probe delivers unmatched industry performance.

GSSI Utility Scan Pro GPR

Just connect to your iPad and detect objects and back walls reliably, with amazing clarity and ease of use. Read more. Your Benefits. Superior insights thanks to unparalleled depth and clarity of data from the powerful probe. Easy to learn and to operate with our user-friendly, feature-rich, intelligent software. Unmatched productivity through user-centric inspection ergonomics and digital workflow.

Unparalleled penetration depth and resolution in a single GPR probe. Powerful, user-friendly user interface for faster, easier concrete assessment. Great handling and ergonomics in all applications. Applications Proceq GP Proceq GP Locating of rebars, tendons, ducts and pipes before drilling, cutting and coring Locating of rebars, tendons, ducts and pipes before drilling, cutting and coring. Locating of rebars, tendons, ducts and pipes before drilling, cutting and coring.

Complete 2D and 3D imaging of rebar layout and other targets. Structural inspection in tight, congested and overhead spaces. Structural inspection close to walls and slab edges. Structural inspection of irregular and curved surfaces. Investigation of pavement and bridge decks. Locating of rebars and live wires before drilling, cutting and coring. Spot check of rebar cover. Conformity check of new buildings. Investigation of unknown structures.

Quality assessment. Thickness measurement from a single side. Proceq GP Description Proceq GP is yet another revolution by Proceq in concrete inspection and imaging. Your Benefits Superior insights thanks to unparalleled depth and clarity of data from the powerful probe Easy to learn and to operate with our user-friendly, feature-rich, intelligent software Unmatched productivity through user-centric inspection ergonomics and digital workflow.

Your Benefits Unparalleled penetration depth and resolution in a single GPR probe Powerful, user-friendly user interface for faster, easier concrete assessment Great handling and ergonomics in all applications.

Gssi gpr price