Bayou bullets vs blue bullets

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Powder Coated Bullet Troubles...

Carolina Shooters Club. Powder Coated Bullet Troubles Now that powder coated bullets have been around just long enough for the "fad factor" to have worn off To you gentlemen that took the plunge and powder coated your own or purchased polymer coated bullets and have been blasting away for a year or three. Just what sort of down side, or problems have you encountered?

I personally have shied away from this "advance" in lead bullet technology because I've yet to be convinced that I wouldn't be trading off one set of problems for a brand new batch of troubles. So, to all of you that got up off your tukkis and blazed the trail, what is your take now that many pounds of coated lead have been put down range???

Are you now seeing your barrels being plastic coated causing cleaning problems? Odd or nebulous health issues, headaches, breathing problems, after a long range session or the day after? GuncrankJun 28, Remove Advertisement. Joined: Jan 14, Messages: 10, Location: Peacefully bows out. The green bullets ive been using have been trouble free. Its starts with cleaner hands while loading to cleaner bore to very reduced lead smoke. Total round count: k maybe. I should add, my experience is pistol only.

Last edited: Jun 28, ButterJun 28, They are win-win-win in a pistol. Cheap clean and accurate.

Best Coated Cast Bullet?

I had poor results in a rifle at full velocity. Accuracy improved to minute-of-man at lower velocity under fps - but still is not great compared to jacketed. I have no residue in my guns or burned plastic while shooting. CatfishJun 28, Love em I'd go so far as to say I've experienced cleaner barrels than using jacketed bullets.

Wahoo95Jun 28, Joined: Aug 3, Messages: Location: outside. What these guys have said and then some, just call Lucky13 and start enjoying the savings. NonamehaveI and Gtownwrench like this. Joined: Dec 29, Messages: 1, Location: Forsyth. I've shot a couple thousand in my Glock because they're cheap, locally made, and I've been hesitant to try bare lead. Generally around or so rounds I find noticeable leading, whether it's my loading, handling damage or just par for the course I dunno.

Not a big deal. I get some blue residue on me when loading Blue Bullets and some on the muzzle after firing, wipes right off, L13s don't make my fingers funny colored but leave a little white stuff on the muzzle, also wipes right off. I won't be switching to them in everything, there's no advantage over bare lead in my view. May even bail on them in the G if I ever start casting or get a replacement barrel. Beef15Jun 28, Advertise Here. Attention if you have renewed your paid membership on the site but it has not taken effect within 24 hours please send the tech account a private message here to get your account corrected and for further instruction.

There is a connectivity error with Paypal and the site Thank you from the management. Tom Freeman. No recent use with Black Bullets. But the last batch of Bayou and every batch has been excellent. Black Bullets has been hit and miss. So much miss that I switched to jacketed. Find all posts by Tom Freeman.

I have used moly coated bullets from Bear Creek and Bayou I prefer Bear Creek Remove Advertisements. I shot some early gen Bayou's, but have not shot the newer stuff ocne they changed coating.

They were fine, albeit an interesting smell when fired. I used to primarily shoot Bear Creeks, but then two winters ago availability became an issue so I ended up ordering a case of bullets from Precision. I discovered that the Precision bullets were more accurate out of my guns, though a little more expensive than Bear Creek.

So now I shoot BCs for practice and Precisions for matches. I placed an order the other day for another case of Precisions and got a shipping notification 48 hrs later instead of 10 week backorder. Looks like their inventory is getting caught back up.

I love BayouBullets. Doesnt hurt that I can drive and get mine from Donnie though. He is a top notch guy with an excellent product.

bayou bullets vs blue bullets

I'm still shooting both of them right now, trying different loads, and have not come up with a clear cut favorite. I use a Bear Creek, 9mm gr. LRN that shoots very good out of my guns. However, I have one where this particular Bear Creek bullet won't fully chamber. The reason is the shape of the bullet ogive. Many cast lead gr LRN bullets have a wider bearing surface area and the ogive is recessed slightly from the bearing surface.

The bearing surface of the Bear Creek bullet is not recessed, and the actual diameter of the bullets I measured was. The Bear Creek bullet mentioned does not have a grease ring recess, so the bearing surface is even all the way up through the bullet ogive.Due to the current health situation in our country, we are experiencing a larger than normal volume of orders.

We are working diligently to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible however ship date will vary by product type and demand. In general, please allow weeks for shipment. If you need to check status of an order, please send an email to Sales thebluebullets. Thank you for your patience! We at The Blue Bullets make cost effective bullets for anyone who wants to enjoy the Shooting Sports.

Our bullets are specially purposed for competitive shooters who need an accurate bullet with no barrel leading, no smoke, and at a price comparable to a non coated lead bullet. Our coating is a proprietary polymer based liquid coating that we mix in house not a powder coating. The bullets are sized after the coating has cured to ensure a consistent and round bullet. We want our products to be of high quality and reliability. We tested and perfected our coating recipe and application process for approximately a year before we were ready to begin selling our products.

This included shooting over 50, rounds through three different guns. During this test we showed no decrease in accuracy and no signs of barrel wear. We are a family owned and operated business. We manufacture our products with the Highest Quality Lead Alloy that we purchase from a foundry that completes extensive testing to verify content, quality, and consistency. We apologize for any inconvenience and are actively working to allow guest access.

Read More. Welcome to The Blue Bullets. What's our coating? Who We Are. Why Use Us. Great Customer Service. Cost Efficient. Fast Shipping. A Smokeless Bullet. In order to add items to your cart you need to be logged in to your member account.Display results as : Posts Topics.

Advanced Search. Bullseye-L Forum. He said that they shoot very clean and no smoke from coating. I am tempted to give them a try. They sell. I could see issues with undersized bullets. I don't think they are meant for accuracy, more for go-fast guys. More expensive than Brazos Bullets too. These are powder coated as opposed to Hi-Tek coated.

Powder coated works, but it is my opinion that Hi-Tek is better for most applications. Wobbley Posts : Join date : I tried a sample pack of 9mm when I first began reloading and wasn't impressed with my fingers turning blue from handling them or the fact that they are basically undersized.

Blue bullets are all I load in both. Not a big deal as I wash my hands immediately upon leaving the loading bench anyway.

I like the gr flat nosed 38 special blues for DR practice. Very accurate at 25yds and no leading with 3. I talked to the guys that make them and they said they have changed the blue coating so it no longer gives you blue fingers. They are made about six miles from my house. I've been using Acme gr. They are accurate enough for the short line, but I wonder about the long line.

Can Glock Polygonal Barrels Shoot Polymer Bullets? TSJ Vs FMJ

I haven't been real impressed with the 9mm accuracy of any of the brands at 25 yards and I've tried a few different weights of bullets. I'll get, like three good shots in a group and then a couple of flyers that open up the group to 4"-5". Admittedly I'm shooting them out of non-accurized, self-defense type, polymer pistols.New PM! Discussion Poll Photo Album. Im looking to try another brand of coated 9mm bullets.

Partially just because I need some more and partly to see if any others are better. Not shaving in the seating but flakey. Question: What is your favorite brand of coated lead bullets? Looking for an Alaskan Malamute? El Cid Black Bullets Cause they matter Love the gr over VV N It's like shooting marshmallows.

No recoil. I have recently bought SNS Casting bullets. They have been great so far. If you buy in quantity there is a discount after or 10, Very fast shipping. Originally posted by El Cid Black Bullets. Jim Watson. Black Bullets International I shoot them. I vote for Blue Bullets. They use virgin lead alloy as they found too much variation in recycled lead alloy. I've never had an issue with their bullets. They support a lot of shooting competitions in the Southeast as well.

I've run Black Bullets and Bayou in the past without issues as well. When I measured a bunch of Black Bullets vs. Blue Bullets I found less deviation with the Blue Bullets. The results are somewhere on the CZ website. However, I wouldn't use their stuff if it wasn't quality. My last Bullets came from Black Bullet Very nice bullet, good consistency in size SNS also makes a good bullet, just have not bought any since the color change RC.

Summers has the best prices I've found, the bullets shoot well, and excellent customer service to boot.Jump to content.

You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 02 August - AM. Based on current offerings, who is making the best coated cast bullets out there? I hear about bleck ones, bleck and blue ones, red ones, green ones, and some that look and taste like Skittles.

I just need them to be accurate and consistent.

bayou bullets vs blue bullets

No one likes me, and I don't care. Back to top Report 2 notu notu Advanced Member. I think you would find that the bayou, SMS casting coated,black bullets international and blue bullets to be equal, in fact exactly the same but a different color.

Precision black bullets have no lube groove and seem to be the most accurate for me, but all the above are acceptable. The ogive on the precision black bullet is different however ,and I found that the oal was more critical when shooting out of a tanfoglio using them.

Always has deals and includes free swag. Coated and no smoke. Posted 02 August - PM. After loading several hundred of them I'm going back to Bayou. The blue's are good but they leave your hands stained blue when you're loading and they use a coating that's different than Bayou or BBI. My next order will be placed to Bayou. Back to top Report 9 jakemartens jakemartens Advanced Member.

When my local buddy who occasionally casts and coats is running low, those 2 are the first places I look. SNS usually delvers to matches in the area, which saves on shipping, so that's a big plus. I started with Bayou a few years ago but Jerry's brother screwed up my order on two different occasions.

He lost my credit card information. He put me at the bottom of his shipping list even though he admitted fault so I had to wait another 2 months to get my order. Fuck that. I also asked about getting some coating but well over a year and no word. He has since updated his ordering process but I will never find out if it's any better.

bayou bullets vs blue bullets

I ordered from BBI with no problems when Chandler first bought the company and his bullets shoot fine. And my last batch of bullets are from SNS. I haven't shot the SNS yet. So to summarize Buy from a company that supports our sport and delivers what is promised.

Full Retard Custom Guns. M-m-m-making shooters h-h-h-happy, since With all the talk about coated bullets, how does one decide on which brand? I am a beginner and just getting started with a with Xtreme 's. If the new coated shoot well without adding smoke, I want to order some but can't decide what to try. If they are all about the same using the same coating, guess it comes down to price and company reputation, and maybe color.

Are they any more difficult to load than plated from Xtreme? I went with Bayou because everything I read on any forum about them was positive. I haven't loaded any of the new Blue Bullets but I got to see some at a match earlier this month and may eventually try them.

I think Bayou and BBI use the same coating but different color but blue bullet uses a different coating. When I first ordered Bayou's I called Donnie and was going to order just but as we talked I changed the order to a case. I'm glad I did. I'm down to under bullets left and I'll be calling him again on Monday to order another case for me as well as a case of g.

I really like the bullets. As far as loading I haven't found that one is any more difficult to load than the other. For me the process is the same regardless of the bullet I'm using. Something you could do is order sample packs of the bullets from each manufacturer you're considering and see if you end up liking one better than the others or if one runs better in your gun s than the others.

bayou bullets vs blue bullets

It is somewhat amusing All have similar "likes"; i. Guess it goes to show that what ever you choose to use, it will likely work and work well if you stay with the "known" makers. I prefer the Bayou coating. I don't like the old moly bullets that BBI used to have, but I've heard they switched to the Bayou coating.

Bayou bullets vs blue bullets